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The Circle Hostel (Baler)

Finally this writer went to Baler.  Invited by the waves, I went to this surfing town to try out the sights and sounds of the place.  We have covered the touring details in another article so this one covers our great stay in The Circle Hostel - Baler.

Arriving 5:30am in Baler, the hostel was still closed.  Although they had a sign saying "please pull this string when we are closed", I never bothered to wake the hostel keepers.  Instead I roamed around the area and saw the huge waves on the shore and proceeded to the nearest restaurant I can find which was open.

Around 8:00am I came round back and found the hostel to be open.  Hurray for the early risers!  Anyway, I was ushered in nicely, made registration and I was asked if I had a padlock.  It was my first time to try out a hostel and It's mandatory that to secure your things, one must have a padlock.  The hostel provides the locker but you have to provide the lock.  Nice security.

Being a regular traveller with hotels,  I was not aware of the hostel motto - "there are no strangers".  I was the snobbish guest which was greeted by other guests.  I was surprised by this gesture.  When hostel staff mentioned this to me, I warmed up to the others and greeted them back.  What a nice motto.

In this hostel they had three kinds of accommodation, they have the private rooms, the coed bunks and the hammock.  The rooms you typically know already, the coed bunks are like dorm type of beds that you get just to sleep in.  The hammock, of course we know what hammocks are.

Being in a surfing town, most of the guests are surfers searching for the big one or the "secret place" the surfing guides call it.  I was there to see the other things tourists see in Baler so I skipped the surfing lessons (I regretted this). 

Guests in the hostel were nice and friendly.  Even with no introductions, we were chatting like long lost friends in the common areas.  Each one telling stories about their travels.  Aside from amazement, I felt embarrassed knowing that these foreigner guests have already travelled most of the Philippines.  Me being a local have yet to try out their experience.

If you are a budget friendly kind of person and outgoing and friendly, do try this type of accommodation.  Hostels are still a new industry here but with the warm feeling it gives it guests, I won't be surprised this will be an accepted form of travel accommodation.

The Circle Hostel already have two other locations in Zambales and La Union.  Hope to see these locations as well in the near future.  For reservations simply call Jerms at +63 917 8020855.   For direct inquiries to their Baler hostel, call Ate Via at +63 917 5010235.