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VJ Lomi (Lomi Batangas in Laguna)

VJ doesn't stand for Video Disc Jocky so don't expect thump thump thump in their store.  They serve a small menu, but they pride themselves of offering batangas Lomi yet they are along the National Highway in Cabuyao, Laguna.  A small store with maybe 10 small tables and benches, offering low priced lomi for Php30 for starters all the way to Php80.

I have seen them always when I ride my bike towards calamba and it made me wonder who batangasy is their batangas lomi?

During my bike run, I felt the urge to eat at this small shop along the Highway.  (They are located near the Jollibee Cabuyao branch plus minus one kilometer going sta rosa side.)  I ordered the Php40 meriend size and they are batangas lomi indeed.  You have a good filling of noodles, then you create a sauce for it using another plate.  The usual sauce items are there for batangas lomi, chopped onions, chili and soy sauce and a little bit of fried garlic.

Some people in the store ordered just the Jumbo size for Php80 and ordered 4 cups of rice.

As to the taste, they are like batangas lomi, gooey and tasty but it reminded me of pares instead.  During this time, I haven't tasted a batangas lomi in batangas.  The first one I had was in Makati City, the next was in Tanauan, Laguna and this is in Cabuyao another part of Laguna. (Watch out for the next lomi adventure in batangas this time around).

All I can say was they are all gooey and with not much toppings, they feel like im eating a pares with thick noodles.  Tasty yes but I feel left out a little bit in the flavor section as I need to hype everything up with the sauces.  But nevertheless, if you are in the are of Cabuyao and you get the urge to eat batangas lomi, this is a place which is near just to whet your taste buds.