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The Lovely Tuyo (Dried Salted Fish)

I have been an avid fan of Tuyo (or dried fish).  There are lot of dried fish available, but tuyo comes very close to my heart.  Some say its a comfort food and maybe they are right.  For me this viand is cheap, stays long in the fridge, doesn't spoil easily and I love salty foods even though Im on a diet (bad me).

For P40 per 1/4 kilo, you will have a bunch of tuyo already.  These are not the gourmet tuyo yet, but I'm comforted by this already.  Maybe next time ill try the gourmet tuyo.

Once I wake up I check the fridge for left overs (life of a dad), if i find none, and I'm super hungry, I whip out the tuyo and fry those right away.  The smell will wake up the people in the house for sure.  (If you are taking these to office as your lunch - DONT use the microwave). Its like microwaving popcorn yet the effect is the opposite to those who smell it, especially the other nationalities.

Fry some eggs and chop some tomatoes, you are set.  The tomatoes are necessary for those who don't like the too much salty taste.  If I want to be fancy, I break open salted eggs (itlog na pula) break it down in bowl, put some vinegar on it and chop some onions, add a little bit of crushed pepper thats VIP breakfast for me.