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Art in Island - A World of Illusion

The Art in Island is an interactive museum they say. Actually its a 3D museum full of illusions wherein if one should be photographed among its art, it gives a immersive feeling when seen through the camera.  Why Art in Island? Beats me, I haven't asked that question yet but we had a grand time in this big spacious museum.

Going to place will give you the creeps if you don't have your car going to the place.  They are situated at the back of Araneta Center in Cubao and if you follow the Police's and Waze directions, you might not push through going to the museum.  Good thing you are reading this piece.  Theres a short cut, a very friendly and safe short cut.  From Gateway or Araneta Coliseum, try asking a security guard how to reach the Shoe Expo.  Once there, go inside said expo and at the back theres a rear entrance to the museum.  Beats walking through the dark alleyway of Aurora Boulevard and turning right to 15th Avenue past a shady community of sorts.

Now it costs Php500 per person to get in, but, but, but, it comes with vouchers that gives you, 25% discount on your second visit, 50% on the third, and free entrance on your fourth visit.  The museum boasts of a two storey structure loaded with artistic illusions that will keep you pre occupied for an hour or two. That alone will be enough to cover the entrance fee.

Tips to achieve the realistic 3D effects;

1) you got to follow the floor markings where to shoot.  Although it doesn't give you how high the camera should be, but finding the right angle is an added experience.  

2) bring a friend.  Doing this alone will be boring. 

3) Try to bring a tripod, or a selfie stick (stuck in your backpack) so you can get your group shots in order.  There will be no one there to help you take your pictures.  You can't keep bugging other museum goers to take your shots for you.

4) Eat before going in.  Trust me. You'll know why when you are there.

5) Wear respectable socks or trim your toe nails.  Your shoes will be deposited at the entrance so that it would damage the illusion art on the floor.

Overall, it was quite an experience as no other museum offers the same.  The location might not be ideal but the trip to this place will be worth it.