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Chowking Chopsuey

Eating in Chowking for me is a lifesaver always and has always been till now.  Everytime I'm stuck in a situation and I get hungry and I'm not into experimenting.  I always choose Chowking when I see one.  My comfort food?  Their noodles.  Its cheap at Php99 and it will tide me over to my meal at home.

This time when I was in SM Muntinlupa and I had my phone fixed.  I got hungry and I was in a cranky mood that I just got to eat.  I was already in front of the SM Foodcourt but I opted to walk a little bit and eat in Chowking.

Instead of noodles, I had a change of heart.  I wanted rice.  Since I'm watching my food intake (due to balik alindog program), so instead of the usual pork or chicken, I opted for vegetables, in this case chopsuey.

After a bit of usual wait, the food arrived much faster than I imagined.  Vegetables were green and inviting.  Although a bit greasy (its always been greasy in Chowking) it looked fine until I had my first serving.

The vegetables were raw.  I would have appreciated it to be cooked well done and I would have accepted it if was even blanched.  I know stir frying is fast but this one, was way way too fast. 

Since I was in a good mood then, and I was hungry, I chomped on it thinking it was just a salad.  Salads are healthy.  The chicharap as a side dish wasn't helping as well.  It was stale.

Before I left for work abroad, Ive had great meal experiences with Chowking. That was in 2007.  Now that I came back, all those memories were simply memories.  I can't live those memories again.  Their stores are a bit darker nowadays, the spoon and fork is now not being delivered along with your food.  Asking for house water is the in thing these days.  They don't serve it, they don't have even an area where water dispensers or pitchers displayed.  You have to ask water from the counter.  Smiles from the crew is not the same back in 2007.

I don't even order lauriat nowadays.  I don't want to spend Php150++ for a meal that will not satisfy my taste buds, nor fill my tummy that much anyway.  Even though the noodles changed from 2007, smaller serving and thinner, the soup base and the siomai, tasted the same.  Its the only thing I'm eating from Chowking nowadays.  Forget the expensive siopao they have.  Chicken noodles will save the day for Chowking for me.  So if you see me dining again in Chowking, you will see comforting myself with noodles.