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IFEX 2017

The International Food Exhibition or IFEX was held recently at the World Trade Center here in Manila and was a celebrated success.  An event sponsored since 2010 by the Center for International Trade Exposition and Missions (CITEM), a promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), it featured food products from the ethnic, agrarian form to processed items be they local and international of origin.

Its a hodge podge of food items that boggles your mind with innovations either in processing or technology.  Herein we will find new products being launched in the market or just showcasing the best selling items in the food industry for that matter.

IFEX featured 4 main halls, namely, the Food Philippines Hall (Philippine upcoming products), International Hall (International products being introduced in the country), Food Artisans Village (showcasing various provincial delicacies) and Market Place (the retail section of the exhibition).

Come here and taste various food items.  Free tasting abound and not limited only to the local products.  Taste korean, taste european, doesn't matter as almost all booths offer this.  We have bought and sampled a lot of products and watch out for our review in upcoming blogs.

Now the Market Place is where most of the action is, as people flock in this area to buy food products that are priced lower compared to grocery prices.  We were guilty of this as we bought a lot of our groceries herein.  Most notably we bought ripe mangoes as low as Php80 per kilo, whereas these are being sold outside at Php170 per kilo.  Imagine the price drop.  So next time IFEX comes, better bring a big bag.

Beauty Queen Sabrina Artadi of the cooking show Sabrina's Kitchen came to show off her skills with an Ivatan dish.

Free tasting of Bihon.  There are two stalls offering these so your merienda is taken cared of.

Chicharon what?

our fave... watch out for our review in the future.

Another solved merienda hunger, Arroz Caldo from Mama Sitas.

The lowly tuyo given a high end twist.

Chocoloate with what??????

People flocked at the IFEX
For export mangoes at lowered prices.

We have our brand of Sriracha.

People came also to play at the Pachinko game where one can win shirts and jackets.

A korean Oppa cooking for noona.

What a yummy display at the korean booth.

Another free tasting booth.

Yes, its catsup or ketchup.