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Cavaliers take the Eastern Conference Finals

Its the Cavaliers going to meet the waiting Warriors in the NBA finals by defeating the Boston Celtics on a blowout victory 135-102 for a 4-1 Series.

We saw a different Lebron James here wit 35 points, surpassing Michael Jordan in the NBA's all time playoff scoring list.  The Cavs also set records in the playoffs with the most number of points in a quarter (43) and most points at the half (75).  Irving added 24 and Kevin Love with 15 for the Cavalier win.

For the young Celtic team, it wasn't much of a fight as Cleveland locked down their defense.  Bradly had 23 points and Chowder added 11.  Smart was held down to 6 points.  This is a young team they say and we hope to see this number 1 seed next season.

With the finals opponents set between Golden State and Cleveland.  We will see them in action on June 1 playing on Warriors home turf (June 2 morning Manila time).