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Dining | BibingKinitan - SM Dasmarinas

First time I ate a bibingkinitan product was years ago when I was still an OFW.  The product then compared to now has tremendously changed in form and taste.  While waiting for an opening day celebrations for a food dealer in SM Dasmarinas, I found BibingKinitan again and decided to try it out.  Great prices for the products I noticed.

Choco Brew for P35, great price indeed.  Not only that, they have combinations that will put a wow in your day.  Since it was a rainy day, I ordered the Combo B, consisting of one Choco Brew and one bibingka.  I forgot to ask the staff which bibingka she offered me, but all I remember was she asked me if she should put margarine and sugar on it, of course I said yes.  Total was Php55.

Getting my order was quick so she immediately gave my order upon payment.  I went to my table, as the Choco Brew was still hot, photo session started with me taking Instagram photos of my order.  This made other people wonder at what I was doing.

The aroma from the bibingka was so overwhelming that I had to stop my photo session and immediately dig in.  The taste was great.  I can't remember anymore how it tasted then but what I can surmise is that the experience was different this time.  This moment made me want to find another branch near me so I can order some for my kids.  Unlike the first time I had tasted it years ago, this time I felt the other way.

If you happen to see a BibingKinitan kiosk similar to this, I suggest you drop by and get their combos.  They are priced similary to another donut shop combo but nothing beats eating something local.