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Travel | Monkey Beach - Sabang Puerto Galera

My bike tour lead me to Sabang, Puerto Galera.  I was ahead of my friends so I decided to stay a night in Sabang.  I had talked to a friend there, Matthew of Groovy Blue (check out my separate article on them), and many times we have liaised online and finally this day came.

This place is just a 5 minute walk from Groovy Blue.  I was wondering why this was called Monkey Beach.  What monkey would stay on a beach I say, then when I turn off from the street, then I finally saw my answer.  Along the small pathway, its already overgrown by bushes as if no one was maintaining it.  Then walking through it, you will reach a steep staircase going down to the beach.  It has a tree canopy and lots of roots sticking out.  Maybe this is why they call it the Monkey Beach.  With lush vegetation covering the way, its like a jungle going to the beach.

The staircase wasn't that well made that will make you wonder why in the hell you went there in the first place.  The steps are slippery due to the some wet leaves and  moss growing on them, the railings are often far from the stairs themselves and on some point, wasn't connected.

This isn't for the faint hearted I tell you.  Many times it crossed my mind not to go down anymore but the more steps I took, a glimpse of the water egged me to continue.  Yes, the water is fine here.  Although not sandy, it's great.  Water's clear and smelled sweet.  Maybe because of the difficulty walking down this place, there were no people in sight. I was alone.  

The place is surreal.  Peaceful.  For a while there I forgot I was on a bike tour.  Later the locals told me that Monkey Beach is a great place for snorkelling.  Bring a piece of bread and place it in the water, fishes will appear and eat them. Adding to your experience.

Locals also said that this place is better than Sabang Beach.  That will be discussed in another article.

I will most likely go back to this place as my trip here was ill fated this time.  I didn't have much time to bond with Matthew.  Hopefully within the year I'll be back for fun.