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Dining | Family Mart Ebi Tempura - Timog Branch

While in Timog whiling away some time till my next event, I happen to drobpy this Family Mart branch.  I was about to order a simply chicken meal when I saw this.  Knowing that FM had japanese ramen, I wasn't surprised that they offered Ebi Tempura.  The ad says "authentic japanese". Owing to a great tasting ramen experience with them I ordered this.  Big mistake.

I ordered this at Php89 for a rice meal.  I hate writing bad reviews but this somehow warranted it.  I can't skirt the issue as this writer's dining experience was not a good one.

First of all, the tempura was cold, Second it was bland, and third rubbery.  I can't understand how a shrimp can be so rubbery.  I had a hard time chewing it.  Even my home cooked ebi tempura won't taste bland and rubbery even if left on the table for so long.

The ad above says they have tempura sauce to go with it, but there wasn't.  They just gave me a sachet of soy sauce (maybe they are just the same i guess).  The rice was cold and dry.  I can't believe that I was having this kind of experience from a Family Mart branch.  I don't know if this will be the same experience in other branches so I hope our readers will have a different experience.

I will never order this if its on the display rack, maybe it was there for a long time and it just got stale.  I will order a fresh one next time.  I hope that management will read this and make some changes in their process.