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Dining | Julie's Bakeshop - MRT Ayala Station Branch

I have seen a lot of Julie's branches nationwide.  The first time I saw this brand was in Surigao City if my memories served me right.  The prices were cheap, and I thought it was just a local brand.  Lo and behold I saw a lot branches or outlets in the NCR.  So when I do my provincial travels, I won't be surprised to fine one in them.

Now going back to this review,  I ordered the cheese bread I think.  Costing only Php6 each, I ordered three and a softdrink.  Less than Php50 and I was full already.  Not a full meal, but enough to tide you over to your dinner, spending less than Php50 is a great deal.

The bread wasn't bad but it was surprisingly flavourful.  It was also soft and yummy.  Another surprising thought, the prices are cheaper if compared with another branch in San Pedro.  This is Ayala MRT Station, so I was hoping prices would be more expensive however I was wrong.

Now should be stuck in traffic and you know travelling via MRT will be a problem.  Why not dropby first and buy a few pieces?  Remember you can't eat inside MRT, its best to have a full stomach before you ride.