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Dining | Flavours of China - SM Dasmarinas

Our family loves Japanese and Chinese cuisine so whenever we have a get together, we will sample these wherever we are.  This time around it wasn't my biological family, but a blogger family.  We were invited for lunch at Flavours of China. (Disclaimer - This is not a paid article for Flavours of China).

Noodles (Chami Php265) were ordered plus Sauteed Seasonal Mix Vegetables (Php195) and the Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple (Php230).  Top it off with chinese style Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php245), ooooohhhhhh I'm in heaven.  I usually expect the fried noodles to be greasy, but I was surprised this one wasn't so I was in second heaven.

As this was a meeting of sorts, I let the others do the talking and immediately I dig in.  As the noodles were not greasy, I had a good time savoring this.  The fried rice was not burnt, had a springy taste to it.  Then the vegetables were still crunchy and not soggy, ohhhhhhhh that went well with the sweet and sour pork that was soft to chew as well.  Overall the dining experience was great.  We were a big group and the service was not sloppy nor slow.  

To add more to the complexity of handling a big group, I ordered dimsum for take out.  My bill came in fast, my order wrapped within a reasonable amout of time, and they wrapped it correctly. And of course I paid for my order. 

I had the Golden Prawn Balls (Php98), the Pork and Shrimp Siomai (Php98) and the Shark's Fin Dimsum (Php98).  When I arrived home,  it was like the movie "Gone in 30 seconds".  Its like having piranhas as pets in my house as chinese dimsum is not eaten, its gobbled up.

Will try this soon.  If I find one branch near me.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture when it arrived on our table.  That's my spoon and fork. :)

Im addict for this.