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Dining | Hukad sa Golden Cowrie- SM Mall of Asia

Hukad is a visayan word for serving rice (a verb) and is also a ladle (a noun) used for scooping rice.  

We at Katooga.Ph experienced our first store in SM Seaside in Cebu City last year.  We didn't have a website then nor we were giving reviews.  This time, we saw a branch at the SM Mall of Asia thus we tried it again to see if the ones we gloriously ate in Cebu would give us the same dining experience with the one here in Pasay City.

Right up we ordered the one that made it as our favorite, the Tofu Sisig (Php243), then we ordered also the new dish Ngohiong (Php124) a fried lumpia kind of thing with vegetables inside.  The latter one is a visayan specialty the staff suggested.  We later found out that the staff were all or more or less visayan so I spoke in my broken visayan.  What a relief that I could somehow talk in that dialect.  Its been months since the last time I spoke visayan.  Seeing that somehow I speak the dialect, they offered us a complimentary sinigang soup, a whole bowl full of it which tasted superb by the way.  And oh, the rice is unlimited already when you order.  So be careful dropping by Hukad if you are in a diet.  The staff was courteous and was attentive and dining here with my daughter reminded us our trip to Cebu.

The Tofu Sisig was still yummy as before and did not disappoint.  The Ngohiong was equally great for our first try.  The Sisig serving was so big for two people that we had no choice but to take out the remaining Nhohiong.  We ate the Ngohiong so that we could just taste it while its hot.

Overall, we would like to eat again in Hukad and you should try their other dishes as well, we know they would taste great.  We would like you to experience also the visayan hospitality that we had, for a great dining experience.

*they accept credit cards and bank debit cards here. I had to sneak this in as most restaurants nowadays don't accept bank debit cards.

The Tofu Sisig

The Ngohiong.