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Dining | Fruity - Market Market

Fruity is your regular fruit stand in Market Market and they added another product in the form of smoothies and juices.  As people have no time to peel, juice a fruit, that this type of product appeals well with the health conscious crowd, me included.  So instead of buying cola at a convenience store, it is wise that you buy natural fruits instead.  Priced from Php30-Php45 per cup, it is in a way sweet, and the ice cold juice they serve can really perk up your hot and sweaty day.

This is the reason I tried their avocado juice or smoothie, honestly I don't know what to call it.  Looking into that vat of green mush, I saw lots of Ice so ohhhhhh that will be cold.  Then I saw the lady scooped up a lot of it into my cup.  So I ended up with a cup 25% filled with Ice.  The juice strikes a right mix of goodness in me that having that ice didn't bother until I drank all that avocado greatness.

I was left with lots of ice in my cup and this made me sad.  Note to myself, never drink that good thing very fast.