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Dining | Four Seasons - SM Aura

SM Aura has been my waterloo always.  Its the only SM Mall that I am afraid to venture into as I know all the shops therein are very upscale.  Cinemas alone costs Php295 and these are their cheapest and their food court concessions are luxurious as well.  One type of restaurant is Four Seasons found here at their food court.  When push comes to shove in food prices,  I would definitely go chinese.  I would go for noodles but then again, I found their hotpot or shabu shabu as they call it inviting.  Priced Php188 with no drinks yet, and just enough for one person, I consider this as a luxury for an average employee. 

When finally served, glad to know that rice was included already in the price.  Then it hit me.  With all the ingredients tucked inside my shabu shabu, plus rice, this would be a very fulfilling dinner for me.  The serving can be shared among two health and diet conscious ladies.  I was stuck eating it alone and I am on a diet.  Bad choice of food for my part.  Nevertheless I took the challenge and 'managed' to eat it all.  

Actually, it tasted great and I can't stop eating.  If it wasn't for my meeting, I could have ordered another.  The soup base was right up my alley and the ingredients therein, were very tasty.  The dimsums were great, heightened by a great soup base, I can't help myself eating it whole.

So when you pass by SM Aura, this shabu shabu thing is a great way to spend dinner even when you are alone.  We are not responsible with your lovelife, but we are responsible in suggesting this meal.