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Dining | Kaboom Wings + Burgers [Katipunan Branch]

Kaboom is a fast casual american filipino fusion style restaurant.  Wow thats a long word to describe a restaurant.  Putting it simply, the food here tastes great, that's it.  Why Kaboom, they say its a representation of the Mt. Pinatubo and the bravery of our filipino soldiers.  They are in fact military themed so that maybe their reason, but for us in Katooga, it just mean flavors booming in our mouth.

Having started their first branch in Recto Manila, they proceeded to expand and invade the Katipunan area.  Located at the Second Floor of the Katipunan Building, it is just walking distance from Ateneo, near Regis Building so you won't miss it.

They pride themselves of their great tasting burgers, chicken and fries.   Average prices come around Php100-Php150.  Their signature burger, the Balikatan Burger with 3 patties, costs around Php198.   Ice Tea Bottomless can be had for Php45, enough talk. Just go.

This is their Katipunan branch, and theres one in Recto as well, offering the same juicy tasting burgers, wings and kaboom goodness.  For their menu items and prices, click here.

You may visit them at their facebook page here.

(Photos provided by Don Cordero of Don Cordero Photography)