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Dining | Kaboom Wings + Burgers [Morayta Recto Branch]

After joining the opening day of Kaboom in Katipunan last week, most of us in Katooga wasn't there so an invite came for most of us to sample the tasty dishes.  This time we went to their Morayta Branch.

If you notice above, we have shown the old logo of Kaboom.  The reason for this is for your guidance.  Should you happen to google map Kaboom in Manila, the app will show that its not exactly on Morayta.  It shows Recto Avenue, where it actually is.  Now Recto is a very cramped place so using google maps won't be easy and their restaurant is not also exactly along Recto Avenue.  Yes, confusing isn't it.  To simplify.  Follow google map directions.  Then from Morayta, walk towards Mendiola.  Then look up along the ceilings over the sidewalk, you find a sign that says Kaboom.  Then thats the entrance to a hallway that leads to Kaboom.  Simple.

Now that we were nestled in the airconditioned restaurant, we proceeded to order the fries, burgers and the bottomless iced tea.  As same with their other branch, the food tastes the same, they tasted great.   They are not the best burgers I've tasted however for the price point, they are the best that I have tried.  As for the pictures herein, they may not look yummy (in absence of a food stylist), trust us, they are.

The Recto Branch is cramped and crowded with students so we don't recommend going here just to get a taste of their food, go to Katipunan instead.  Now if you're in the area anyway, then we won't stop you from going in.  The owners promised us that they will expanding soon so expect kaboom to be in your area in the near future.

(Camera Phone images provided for by Michael Zuniga of Orange Bear Production)