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Dining | Kerimoto - National Highway San Pedro Laguna

Kerimoto has been a familiar fixture everywhere I go recently.  I think this is a franchise or dealer of sorts.  Some establishments carry a full meal such as this one and some has dimsum in them.  Here in San Pedro, Laguna, I had a chance to eat breakfast herein.

I ordered the Pork Chop Silog (Php69) with no soft drink.  It was around 6am in the morning and I think this shop is open 24 hours as I found one staff sleeping slumped on one of the tables in the dining area.  I was not turned off by this, I felt sorry for the staff, she must be really tired from working overnight.  The other staff took care of the slack so no complaints on my part.  They work fast enough after I ordered.  Although it took time, maybe they had to thaw first the pork chop, I was not in a hurry so its okay.

Everything is self service so I had to get my own water from the Jug, got my own utensils, my own condiments from the condiments section.  I asked for tissues from them as they didn't give me one or two.

Although the pork chop looked burnt in the picture, it wasn't when I tasted it.  It was crunchy in a nice way and I liked it.  Its like biting into a crispy pata in a way so its fine.  The sunny side up egg was nicely done, not raw, but still with the yellow part a bit runny which I prefer.  The rice portion had a good serving size so no complaints so far.

I hope that when I eat in other Kerimoto branches, they would have the same food quality as this branch I visited.  I would recommend this one as this hits me nicely on the price point and yet filled my tummy quite well.