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Dining | Motorino NY Slice - Market Market

This was first pizza binge for this day and I found Motorino New York Slice just on the other side of the pedestrian crossing coming from Serendra Side.  I'm not a pizza guy, but somehow, the good smell emanating from the eatery led my feet towards their door.

Now this is your typical NY Pizza, not that I have been to New York, but this type of taste will appeal to an american loving indiviudal.  It had green pepper, onion, oregano, and black olives.  So if you think this is your corner pizza store, think again.

A bit pricey, but with the loaded ingredients, I didn't complain.  The taste was equal to its price. I ordered the combo for Php129 which includes a slice of pizza and one ice tea.  The pizza size is 18 inch so expect a big sized pizza so don't complain of small serving which I didn't.  I don't know with these kinds of pizzas,  they have a punch in taste with all those flavour full ingredients but somewhow for this writer, it doesn't have a unifying taste.  I'm not a tabasco kind of guy but I used the same when I'm having an american style pizza.  This is just not motorino, it happens everytime when I try similar type of pizzas.

Total price for my meal was Php135 inclusive of service charge.  If I wanted to quell by pizza binge, then this is a place I go to.  Glad I found this place on my way home.

For more about motorino, you can order online or simply call 810-1000.