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Dining | Zhu Kitchen - BGC

This is not a full review as this writer was asked to attend media presentation and we were treated to this restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.  It's not within BHS so its a bit of a walk.  Simply ask where McDonald's is on the 32nd street and you will find them.

Now going into the food.  We were served Radish Cake I was told and I was surprised at how it was presented.  Tasted good and I don't know if this is their regular serving, I was "bitin" to be real as this food is good.  Just don't dip it in its sauce,  the sauce was a bit off for me but the cake is fine by itself.

Now the noodles, since we were in a media presentation with lots of guests,  I think the noodles were prepared in advance.  It was when the presentation was finished when these were served.  The noodles already cold were stuck to each other and even with the hot broth, it took a while to disentangle.  Maybe due to the rushed time it was served, the hot broth did not have enough time to seep into the noodles thus many guests said the noodles were still hard and had no taste.  The surprising thing about this noodles was the inclusion of pork knuckles.  It was a great addition for me, as I like eating patatim and crispy pata.  But in a sosyal restaurant?  That's another thing.  I like eating the knuckles with my hands and like to get into the tendons.  But I was in a fusion, sosyal restaurant, I was embarassed to eat with my hands, I ended up eating only the skin and some meat leaving behind the tendons.  I was sad I wasn't able to eat them, they looked yummy and soft.  

As I said, this experience I won't hold against them as the situation was different from the actual dining experience we usually get when we eat.  But the place impressed me and will definitely comeback in the near future and hopefully do a proper review next time around. 

Should you like to try them out, click here for their exact address.