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Dining | Pizza Pedricos - Market Market

While I was on a pizza eating binge, I chanced upon this kiosk on the third floor of Market Market just above the Mcdonald's branch.  Its a square pizza and people flock to this kiosk and made me interested to try out their pizza.

Although it's not a big franchise, you easily assume that their ingredients would be sparse, taste won't be that great, the crust won't be as crispy for a thin crust.  Think again.  Just by looking at the pictures, its overloaded with ham, with a good serving of ground beef on top,  pizza sauce was just right.  The taste overall was attuned to the Filipino liking which was sweet.  Don't expect black olives or oregano in this pizza.

When you order a whole pizza, you can still choose to mix and match.  For this review we ordered half Meat Lover's Delight and the other half Supreme.   Both tasted great for Php188 per box.  Should you want to order per slice, it costs only Php47 (that's for two slices already).  Great price for the treat.

There are a lot of outlets already so there might be one in a mall nearest you or simply head over to their facebook page here.