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Dining | Stoops Bagnet Ilocos - Alphaland SouthGate Mall

During a traffic stopover, I was lucky to have a great dining experience at the Alphaland SouthGate Mall.  Stoops is an unlikely name for me to identify with great bagnet.  Although I can't remember when I had my last great bagnet experience I tried out this place.

Situated under an escalator, this fastfood joint is a secret place of sorts.  Upon walking through the narrow corridor, you will be treated to a bigger dining area. With Bagnet as their main dish,  I proceeded to order the Big Bossing priced at Php179 and upgraded to Php10 unli rice.  The latter order threw off diet out the window and so as not to have a full blown guilty conscience, I decided not to throw in a softdrink.

My order came surprisingly fast and true to my expectation, the Bossing Meal had a lot of Bagnet on top of my rice.  Although the side dish wasn't delectable for me, I forgave them due to the big serving of Bagnet.  The bagnet was cruncy and tasty.  Glad I ordered the unli rice upgrade (Senator Villar wasn't around) as I ordered around 3 more cupfuls.  I hate their Bossing Meal as the serving was too much for this writer.  I had 4 cups of rice already but still have bagnet left over which I ask them to bag for me.

When I arrived home, the Bagnet was still crunchy and tasty.  Might order from them again soon and bring back home for my kids.

They also have their own concocted condiments that you will love using on them Bagnet.  No matter how I extol their great meal, as they say, nobody's perfect.  Their only flaw was their soup.  I can't describe how it is, I didn't bother to ask what it is exactly.  It might be an ilokano dish, the only thing I know is I don't like it.

Overall, the place is a good eat.  So when you see one, try eating and get the bagnet.  Check them out on their facebook page here.