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Dining | Wendy's Mango Frosty

I have a lot of respect for Wendy's.  It was here that me and wife (during our courtship days) we build salad towers (literally).  It was a cheap form of a date and we go here for salads.  Me, I wasn't a fan of salads, but I was a fan of my wife so go figure.

Now fast forward 25 years,  Wendy's may not have been popular like the other franchises, but they still are here serving delicious burgers.  When I was in Dubai, I craved for Wendy's so much that when I saw one branch there, I had to make a u-turn in a freeway.  So imagine me driving extra kilometers just to taste again their burgers.

Now this time, the cashier suggested something new to me.  They had this Mango Frosty she says topped with broken down crackers.  It only costs Php45 so I obliged (Mango was the keyword here, Im a fan).  It was simply a soft ice cream topped with biscuits, Marie I reckon, then add some bits of dried mango with Mango concentrates.

It tasted delicious.  I ate it slowly so as I can savor the moment and the flavor would last a little bit longer.  The soft ice cream didn't melt right away as if it was adhering to my plan, taking it in slowly.  If you happen to passby a Wendy's, try this Mango Frosty.  I know the competitor brand is selling soft serve ice cream in cones for Php10, but splurge more for this,  the added cost is worth the flavor.