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About Town | Anti Trafficking OFW Movement (ATOM)

Buhay OFW TV host Marissa Del Mar spearheads the creation of the ATOM or Anti Trafficking OFW Movement.  Proving to be more than another public service TV show, it takes a bold step by responding to the widely misunderstood, but ever so prevalent case of human trafficking of Filipinos worldwide.  The goal is to end modern slavery for our modern heroes, that no Filipino is for sale.

During 2016, the Philippine Government achieved a Tier 1 ranking - the highest compliance level with regards to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).  Several traffickers and a couple of officials complicit to this crime had already been charged or convicted, and social media outcry for the victims had never been so rampant.

Even with this milestone however our country remains a hotstpot for this illegal trade.  Due to one's poverty level, they are prone to the abuse.  Organizations like ATOM will ensure that, more than complying to national and international laws, Filipinos will educate and protect its own people.

Modern slavery, contrary to popular belief, is not always run by gangsters and operated illegally.  The existence of legal permits and travel documents do not spare anyone from being victims.  It does not even discriminate among the social classes and everyone can be a prone to the abuse.

Change starts small.  True change begins with a proper grasp of the reality that haunts the OFWs.  Prevention and help can ripple from one social circle to another, beginning with an understanding that where one is at any given moment can be an opportunity to spot and report illegal recruitment, suspicious activities and possible victims.

ATOM through its partnerships with notable other organizations and companies, hopes that this goal can be met not only with hope but with great expectations for change that last.

For more information and partnerships, please contact Veronica Ramos at 0927-8484533 of Buhay OFW TV.