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About Town | Huion Philippines Product Launch

Huion Philippines recently signed a partnership with American Technologies Inc. (ATI) to launch its products in the Philippines.  This was done yesterday at the Boracay Room of the Edsa Shangrila Manila.  Along with the signing, there were agreements that we were forged with Psite and Our Lady of Fatima University.

One member of Katooga.PH also won in the event and Angelica Zuniga took home one Huion Pen Tablet.

Congratulations to Angelica Zuniga for winning a prize at the event.

The following products were launched;
Huion K46
Huion K46 (Php2,290)
A 6" x 4" small pen tablet that fits your budget.  Its pressure sensitive and has a cordless pen.  Has 2048 levels of pen pressure so it conforms immediately to your desired pen indentations.  With an impressive 5080 lines per inch resolution with 230 points per second report rate.  Great value for your money as an entry level pen tablet.

Huion 1060+
Huion 1060+ (Php5,890)

Save a huge amount with this model as it is their medium pen tablet design.  Measuring at 10" x 6.25", it is much larger than the K46.  Has the same features like the K46 but bolstered by having 12 customizable express keys and 16 customizable function keys.  It has a built-in card reader and comes with an 8 GB Micro SD card to save your artwork immediately.

Huion G10T
Huion G10T (Php8,890)

This model has the basic functions of the K46 but has a built in multi touch function similar to using your smartphone.  Its also wireless so less clutter.  Has only 6 customizable function keys but hey, its got multi touch, how can you beat that with that price.

Huion GT190

Huion GT190 (Php20,890)

Here is a model where you can directly see your work on its screen and edit on it.  It has 1440 x 900 native resolution and is still pressure sensitive and uses a cordless pen.  With a screen size of 16" x 10" working on this will be a breeze.

Huion GT220

Huion GT220 (Php39,890)

This baby is already IPS LCD so images are crisp at all angles.  Has a 1920x1080 native resolution so images are detailed as they can be.  Same with the GT190, its pressure sensitive but this one has an HDMI Interface.  What a huge value for its price.


 The following pictures are taken during the product launch.