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Dining | Cable Car - Tomas Morato

We were cruising one Saturday night in Tomas Morato and if it were me, eating in this area is easy.  I just choose which one's that are not expensive.  This time I am with someone who doesn't want anything ridiculously expensive, and yet not too cheap as he wanted good service as well.  And last requirement - theres parking space (a difficult one in Tomas Morato).

It took us an hour to scour Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue to find one that would suit my friend's taste and finally we found a parking space and he likes to eat in Cable Car.

Its an american themed bar and had some pinoy dishes included as well.  Serving alcohol, you will expect pulutan type of dishes mixed in.  We didn't bother anymore going in, we opted to eat outside where its less noisier.  Its a bar so expect loud noise inside.

We were greeted with a smile by their staff, and they were very amiable to begin with.  Then they gave us a menu.  A very large menu.  You can just see how many snaps I made of their menu and I think I haven't completed the whole lot.  Price wise, its american.  Touristy is the best description for their menu prices.  Beer is Php90, this as a bench mark will make your heart race and immediately look for an ATM (there's one nearby).

For dinner, we ordered the Spam (Php245) and the Longganisa meals (Php225).  Spam includes Garlic Rice, Sunny Side Up Egg, Hand breaded Spam, Achara and Garlic Confit (I don't even know what that is).  The Longganisa meal is similar to Spam except that it was replaced by of course longganisa.

Disorganized is what we noticed among their staff and this was evident the whole night.  After giving our order, there were two more attendants who came to our table and asked what to order.  I thought they were just very accommodating and great service, but when we were asked twice, we were puzzled.  This disorganization might also be happening inside the kitchen as our order took a long time to be served.  It was maybe 45 minutes, when we finally asked for our order that they answered us, it will be served in 10-15 minutes.  It made me think they forgot to prepare it.  When it did arrived, they apologized as they had lots of orders.  With a few customers, I didn't buy the excuse.  Since we were hungry, we ate the food right away.

Fortunately the food tasted great.  Spam was cooked right, the longganisa was really tasty.  The sunny side up egg was dry, not the fast break type (I like the latter).  The serving was american, it was huge.  There were a lot of garlic rice which I liked.  Spending Php225 for this is great I guess, serving wise and the flavour.  The Spam meal is a large meal in itself also, my friend wan't able to finish it.  Usually I can eat another's meal, but this time, I was stuffed already with my longganisa, I couldn't.  There were a lot of Spam left and I felt sorry leaving it on the plate.

Overall, the dining experience was filling for our stomachs, although the price was a bit pricier than usual.   The price equals to that of the taste and flavour savored so it was fine.  It's nice to eat in these places from time to time. Be ready with the huge menu, disorganized attendants, long serving time.... to equate these, I can say they have smiling attendants, great security person at the time, and have a ready parking slot for you.