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Dining | Burger King - Timog Branch

The Burger King we reviewed is located in Timog Avenue near Quezon Avenue.  Its a relatively big store with lots of tables for you to dine in.  I had the pleasure of appreciating their burgers when I was still working in Dubai.  Flame grilled burgers are different in taste compared to pan fried burgers of other popular burger brands.  I kinda liked the flame grilled over the pan fried ones.

Now that I'm in Manila, I always get these from of course, Burger King.  I remember my first time eating this last year and my only concern was, the actual burger was very much different from the pictures presented.  I know I uploaded it via instagram with the hashtag included hoping they would see my complaint.  Flavour wise I had no issues then, just the size of it.  I guess they saw it as this time around, the burger was almost the same in appearance with that of their photos.

Their staff also were very knowledgeable about their products as the cashier corrected my order.  Initially I ordered a meal for which I know would suit me, then she suggested the Whopper ML worth Php159.  My initial order was more expensive at Php199 but then she motioned that having it would not satisfy me.  The new order was much a bigger burger even with a single patty in it and she knows I would be happy with it.  And she was right.  The Whopper ML was indeed much to my liking, with a softdrink + fries, I can't complain about the Php159 price tag.

Overall, the dining experience was great, and for a fast food dining restaurant, I was satisfied with the product served and how they served it.  Service was fast and I was able to bring my burger with me when I left the counter.  The beef patty was juicy and grilled right, the bread was sweet and soft (the way I liked it), the vegetables tasted fresh (tomatoes were sweet), fries were crispy, and the drinks wasn't watered down.

Kudos to this branch, you will definitely get a visit from me again.  Should you want to know more about Burger King Philippines, simply click here to see their facebook page.