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Dining | D' Cup Coffee Republic - Pioneer Street Market

D' Cup Coffee Republic in Pioneer Street Market is not your typical cafe.  Let me tell you about the place first before we go to the thing that we ate.

First, its a new place at the back of HMR in Pioneer Street Mandaluyong.  Unless you have a car, this place is not easily accessible.  That maybe a negative for some, but this a plus for those who value quiet time.  Less people coming in, more "me time" for the customer.

Second, they have a book corner.  A number of books are already in their shelves and one can read over a cup of coffee.  So if you a book lover, then this place is for you.  During our stay we didn't see student groups so I guess this is a plus for the working class.  Meaning you have lots of place to sit and lounge around.  In most cafes, students occupy the tables the whole day which I hate (the area doesn't have schools so this maybe the case).

Third, they hold book reading sessions on regular weeknights.  Other events can be held here as the space can have the deers roam and antelopes gallop around.  They have acoustic shows as well in the evenings,  I think friday nights they have one.  Better call them before coming over if this is your thing.

There are private rooms that can be reserved for your kind of event.  Although I was warned not to take up these rooms on sundays as they are fully booked for a religious group.

That being said, lets go over their menu.

For a cafe, usually hot stuff are available and they surprise me by having a good number of cold items.  They have slushes!!!!!  The ones we ordered where great.  We both tasted our cold orders and they have an ample amount of servings.  Enough to satisfy the hot customer (it was scorching hot outside).  

Price wise, I can't say they're cheap nor expensive.  They are not expensive like the US branded ones, and not cheap like the donut shops around.  Taste wise, they are worth their price I reckon.  Service is great as they are very attentive to the customers and fast on service.

Just a warning though, their mineral water is premium so prepare to shell out Php88 for a small bottle of that San Benedetto.

So if you like to lounge around and have a de-stressing session with your coffee or cold one, then this place is it for you.  You may call them here 0917-5861661 or 02-4256985 or visit them at their facebook page here.