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Money Matters | BPI does Micro Financing Through BanKo

In the the business finance sector, banks or financial firms were catering to the so called SMEs or Small to Medium size Entrepreneurs.  It was the time of the Aquino's administration that they empowered the same with various tax and loan incentives to bolster our economy back into the limelight.

Now that President Duterte is espousing people to put up their own businesses no matter how small they maybe, we now have given birth to the SEMEs or the Self Employed Micro Entrepreneurs.  These are the businesses started up with minimal capital, usually unregistered businesses that comprises the country's underground economy.  Taken as a whole does drive our most of our economy.  These businesses run under the radar of the banking institutions as they lack the usual documentation required for a usual banking loan.  An industry untapped by the banking sector until now.

Heeding the President's call for financial sustenance,  BPI supports the countries vision by reaching out to SEMEs and giving them access to formal banking.  BPI introduces BanKo Inc.  A product of merging two specialized banking firms within BPI, BPI Direct Savings Bank Inc. and BPI Globe BanKo Inc., the new company shall served these businesses who get rarely is given an opportunity to take a formal loan that is affordable, convenient and best of all easy to apply for.

Such a loan is called NegosyoKo Loan program and is guided by Financial Advisers BanKoPares and BanKo Mares to make sure every loan and businesses are managed well.  This is in the hopes that the recipients shall improved their businesses with loan amounts from Php25,000 all the way up to Php300,000 whatever amount they feel they need to expand or augment their operations.

For more information on how BanKo can help your business or start your own, visit them  here at their website.

**The photo below were Nolie and his wife, Lolita Maquinay they've been selling kakanin for two decades. From sharing a tiny space in the market, they have their own place in Pasig and also letting their children sell items too. BanKo made this possible for them.

**Michagem Bakery brought goods from Tayuman, Tondo. Michael and wife Gemma Perez.

**Robito Magtoto, brought his religious pieces from Makabebe, Pampanga. What's is special about these items, those were made of resin, its lighter and easier to craft.

**BQ Trading from Guagua, Pampanga, guitar supplier for shops that can be seen in V Mapa, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Amabel Ortega, co-owner of the business, brought their sample guitars with 'BanKo' sign on it.

**Thank you, Dominguez Marketing for helping us guests and the media during the event. 'Til next time!