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Tech | Grayns Rice Cooker Promotes Healthy Living

Grayns Philippines recently introduced a new revolution in cooking rice.  The Grayns Rice Cooker is the first and only rice cooker in the world that takes the sugar out of rice.  Yes sugar.  The one that makes you obese and eventually if left unchecked would lead to diabetes.  

To help us understand how this sugar is processed by our body, Mr. Joseph Pagulayan, a professional health and fitness expert explained to us the effects of good and bad carbs.  Carbohydrates for asians comes from mainly rice.  Rice has starch in them, when eaten becomes sugar, then turned into carbohydrates.

Along with this rice, a sedentary lifestyle doesn't burn these carbs (into energy) and slowly it accumulates as stored fat in our body.  This fat eventually makes us obese and obesity can lead to various health problems such as diabetes later on.  

Now with the introduction of the Grayns Rice Cooker, eating healthy can now be done with ease and efficiently.  The Grayns Rice Cooker cuts down drastically the starch content in rice lessening the sugar which in turn becomes stored fat.  As Kevin Co pointed out, this is not a complete package of healthy living but using this and with an active and healthy lifestyle, you can be assured that your health will be in a good state.  As tests have shown, diabetics benefitted significantly by using the product, cutting down their sugar intake, lessening their dependence on maintenance drugs.  Simply amazing.  If this can help out Type 1 diabetics, imagine what it can do to Type 2 diabetics much more so with normal people.

Using of the product is simple.  Add in rice (maximum of 2.5 cups) then water with a ratio of 4 cups water to 1 cup of rice, the rice cooker will consistently cook it according to the menu presets in the product itself.  This thing has a computer that you can choose the moisture content if you want it fluffy or a bit dry.  The choices you make is good as we have different types of rice so setting this rice must be considered according to your preference.  As this comes with  computer, it won't and can't possibly burn your rice.  This thing idiot proofs rice cooking.

Adding to the features, this thing is not limited to cooking rice, as long as the item has starch in it, this cooker will cook it, taking away this starch.  It is known to cook potatoes and pastas.

Compared to your current rice cooker, this thing blows the latter away.  Even though this cooks 15 minutes longer, electricity consumption is just half that of the competition.  They use lower heat but longer cooking time to cook rice taking out the starch in the process.  Savings will also come in the form of efficiency as it prevents burnt rice,  with lowered moisture content, cooked rice can be stored at room temperature for 3 days, and when refrigerated, can last for 3 weeks.  Talk about savings.  Cleaning likewise is a breeze.

The Grayns Rice Cooker is currently available at Rustan's and sells for Php27,000.  You may purchase the same on installment as offered by Rustan's and through your credit card.  The cost maybe steep in the beginning, but the same is sturdy enough to last you a long time thereby bringing the cost lower as you use it.  Service limited warranty is standard one year and Grayns Philippines are available to service them.

For more information about the Grayns Rice Cooker, simply visit their facebook page here.

Mr. Kevin Co espouses the features of the Grayns Rice Cooker.

Mr. Joseph Pagulayan a professional health expert teaches us about good and bad carbs.
The cooked rice is being distributed for tasting by the media.

Mr. Kevin Co explains how to maintain the Grayns Rice Cooker.

Mr. Kevin Co answers questions during the Q & A.

Mr. Kevin Co and Mr. Joseph Pagulayan posed for pictures.

The Grayns Team with the Instagram winners.

The Grayns Team with the raffle winner.