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Dining | Asap Restaurant - Farmers Market Mall

Farmers Market Mall is synonymous to cheap and affordable items so its no brainer to find these menu items with very low price points in their food court.  After going around the area, it was filled with your usual food stalls and this one took my eye.  Asap-ordables they say and its only Php99.

I made my way to their stall and asked them what's the best asap-ordable meal item is their best seller.  They immediately responded, the breaded pork chop or meal number 3.  It looked tasty in the picture so I decided to order this one.

looked fine at this point.

When it was finally given to me, it still looked yummy.  The sisig was fine, the pancit was fine, then bam, the pork chop rocked me.  

The pork chop is just a slice, its an abomination to call it as a chop.
This is a small piece of their "pork chop" without the breading. Slightly thicker than bacon I say.
The breading was soooooooooooo thick it was much thicker than their pork chop (please see accompanying picture).  It tasted more like flour than meat.  

This is the amount of breading (which tasted as flour) I left on my plate which I couldn't stand eating.
I can't write anymore how it tasted and felt like.  Overall, I won't recommend you dining in this restaurant.  If their breaded pork chop was a rip off, then it goes to show what management feels about when they prepare their food and I don't like that one bit.  So please stay away from this one.  Don't be fooled with their prices, don't be fooled like me.