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Dining | The Big Mac - full of memories

Dim the lights, queue in MMK music... then let me transport you in time when I was in college.  It was 1988, yes you read it right 1988.  I was always with my girlfriend (my wife now), and always eat in McDonalds near DLSU Taft.  We always have the Big Mac (already pricey with our student allowance then) along with their fries and with the Strawberry Milkshake.  We always did this after Sunday Mass and we while away our time till our parents are worried sick about us before finally going home.  So having the Big Mac nowadays still make me young at heart so to speak.

Over the years the Big Mac slightly changed in taste thus I still order it from time to time again and again.  Even when I was working in the UAE, I order it still even though there was a big difference in taste as they customized it to arab preferences (which tasted more beef which I liked).

What I just find disconcerting is the size of it.  Maybe in time, my mouth and hands just got bigger I guess as I felt that the burger somehow has gotten so small.  I remember in college, we had this custom of pressing the burger down so we can just take our first bite out of it.  Nowadays, I'm not doing that as I am afraid if I squish it, it would be like a waffle and would simply slide down my throat.

Even though it shrunk in size, no one can take my love for the big mac.  I'm not complaining about their size (compared to their price) but somehow I would like them to do something about it.  The taste is what I am after.  It brings me back to college days, of how me and my wife stayed in McDonalds for hours talking, giggling, minding not what other people see in us inside that branch.  It gives me that smile.  No burger can give that same smile to me.