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Dining | Healthy Bites [Vegan Meals]

In the era of health conscious millenials, we are flooded with different kinds of diets.  This time we pushed that diet a bit further by introducing vegan meals.  Yes, vegan.  This writer is a wellness buff but eating vegan?  This we got to see.

Healthy Bites is a product of the Adventist Medical Center (formerly the Manila Sanitarium) and they offer the same to the public.  This time they served us two of their best selling dishes.

We have here the Vegetable Sticks with different dips to make carrots and cucumbers tasty.  Yes, do they taste great even raw.  The dip given to us was strangely new to me, it was made from cashew and they made it into Cashew Naise.

The other dish they served us was the Tossed Pasta, Grilled Vegetable and Baked Sisig.  The pasta had a normal flavor, of well, pasta with a spritz of lemon.  The Grilled vegetable was palatable but the baked sisig tasted different.  I was expecting it to be the sisig that we all know but this one was far off from my usual taste.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad.  In fact it was good.  Although I would rather have it a little more salty but hey, most healthy foods are of less salt so its goes well into the alley of healthiness.

Should you want to try these Healthy Bites visit and order them from their facebook page here.