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Dining | Project Pie

First of all I want to thank my friend (who doesn't want to be named like voldemort) for introducing this pizza place to me. Without him, I would have no time to eat at this joint.  Pizza is not among my first line of preferences just to be clear.

Now going back to pizza.  My usual experience with pizza is looking at the menu and I pick out the one's I like.  Simple.  But when the pizza arrives on my table, its just simply pizza that tastes great depending on the establishment or brand.  This one really takes my pizza experience one bar higher.

You can choose from 5 different sauces as a base, here we have olive olive, tomato, pesto, barbeque and white (i presume its cheese).  

After your choice has been made, they prepare it front of you.

After this, the toppings, I was overwhelmed with the choices that my friend ordered them for me.  All I can muster were 4 words, not spicy, black olives.  Boy they have the freshest herbs and spices and vegetables.

For those loving the simple life, they have already made some selections for you.

These were what we ordered and both tasted great.  They might be a little bit pricey compared to the one's you know but it was well worth it.  Each pie I presumed tasted differently whenever you visit as you can tweak each one differently very time you do eat here.  

OHHHHH they have beer.... there goes my diet.

For more details on these awesome pizzas, visit them at their facebook page here.