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Dining | Rice in a Box - Ayala MRT

As I regularly use this MRT station a lot, I wonder why I don't stop a while and partake the food offered within this busy alleyway.  I've had fried chicken, bread, pork chops before here and now I come to this eatery just outside the entrance to Shoe Mart.

Rice in a box simply is... rice in a box with food.  Their plate is the box so to speak.  Rice is placed in the box then viand or food is placed over it, making it a topping of sort.  Looking at their menu board, I could say their prices are really low, priced well for the average employee.  Here we see combo meals starting at Php36, imagine that.

For my sake, I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki.  You see the menu board picture as luscious and succulent but that will change when you see the actual food served.

Here is the chicken teriyaki on the board.

Here's the actual meal.
When the meal was served, I was greeted with the chicken poured on top with lots of sauce. yes lots of sauce.  The sauce was ... fine... for a lack of a better word to describe it.  It tasted like an uncooked hoisin or oyster sauce.  The sauce overpowered the chicken (if there was one) and it didn't sit well with their rice.  Their rice I can't ascertain if it was fried rice, or buttered rice as I was expecting it to have a flavourful taste due to its color.  It was like plain rice with color, no other taste sad to say.  I might be wrong but I think its just food color. 

The drink was the clear winner in this visit.  With the price point for this, at Php59 pesos, even with the taste, will surely become a best seller.  I'll surely passby again and check out their other dishes, maybe that time I'll be so lucky.