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Travel PH | Jose Panganiban with the Miss Tourism Candidates

Travelling with the Miss Tourism Philippines has this a perk.  You get to travel and see more of the Philippines a little better.  This time around we get to see a quiet town called Jose Panganiban,  in Camarines Norte.

After travelling six hours by bus, we were warmly greeted by these kids in traditional costumes dancing in the streets.  Wow what a great welcome provided by the local government of Jose Panganiban.  As you can see in the pictures, the town was quiet at first glance, but later we found out it was very much alive and kicking.

There were a lot of places to visit but due to limited time, we only had a glimpse of the whole town, met the mayor, saw two pristine beaches (one beige and one pink), hiked a small hill and experienced the warm hospitality of the people of Jose Panganiban.

This is just a teaser folks as we are invited again to visit them and the whole of camarines norte in the next few weeks.  We will surely bring back more pictures and adventures of the place.

For this trip we would like to thank the local government of Jose Panganiban and the provincial government of Camarines Norte as well for the warm hospitality.

For more details on going to Jose Panganiban, simply email us at  For more pictures of Jose Panganiban check parola island here. 

We were greeted with a quiet water when we arrived.
We were greeted with Longganisa upon our arrival.

A visit to the Sangguniang Bayan Hall was a great rest stop for us Media.

Who would like to travel with these two beauties, winners from 2016.

Lunch was served.

Again with the 2016 winners on top of a hill.

The candidates were paraded around town with us in pursuit.

With Marian Alcantara 2017 winner of Miss Tourism Philippines.

Got to run and have pics with these beauties.

With early crowd favorite Palawan.

See the photobomber outback. He is also enjoying the ride.
I rode the back of the security vehicle. 

This is how it looks like at the back of that security vehicle.

We were treated to this undeveloped beach view.

Local maize or corn.  Not the yellow japanese ones sold in manila.  This one is sweeter.

Our drinks for lunch.  Very very fresh.

Our lunch....
Our ferry to Parola Island.

Climbing aboard the ferry.

Look at this pristine beach head.

The sand is pink.

No houses. No gazebos or cottage
How Parola Island got its name.

Clear waters of Parola.
Marian Alcantara sunning on a rock in Parola Island.

The winning form of Miss Tourism Philippines 2017.
Look at the rocky formations on the island.

Great scenery on Parola.

Where we stayed while in Jose Panganiban.

Thanks to Konsehal Tres Panganiban for the courtesies.