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Gala Abroad | Thailand - Street Exotic Foods

Eating bugs in the Philippines is simply not enough, you've got to try eating cockroaches, worms and flies in Thailand.  I've tried all these three in Thailand.

Before you cringe, let me tell you how it taste.  The cockroaches tasted like peanuts.  The worms tastes likes fries... and the flies?  They tasted like shrimps in Gerry's Grill which are spicy by the way.  Now start cringing. LOL.  Maybe next time I'll upload a picture with me eating it. ohhh no.....

These tasty morsels are around 10-50 Baht per plate (roughly Php15-75) and its worth to try these in Thailand.  You only live once they say.

(words, pictures and video by Ian Epino - our correspondent based in Abu Dhabi who loves to travel)