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Dining | Tsoko Nut Batirol - Mother Ignacia

What a peculiar name.  Batirol I later learned was a wooden utensil used to make chocolate drinks from cacao.

This is how Batirol is used in making chocolate drinks (photo from for illustration.

So this means, their main focus in on chocolate drinks.  This writer is not much of a coffee drinker so having me inside this store is a welcome treat for me.  Would like to thank a friend of mine, who's traversing also the beauty pageant scenes with me for pointing me to Tsoko Nut Batirol.  I was so early for the event that I needed a space for me to do some work and he suggested this place as they have free wifi as well.

This place is located just opposite Crossroads 77 on Mother Ignacia and Panay Avenue so you wouldn't miss it.  A large sign above will surely point you in their direction.  Now on with the dishes and drinks.

Since it was late lunch, and I came from a healthy lunch, I decided to splurge on unhealthiness.  I ordered the pork thing lunch (I forgot the name already) and it was for Php155.  A bit pricey for a pork meal but hey, I'm in special cafe or choco bar, so I let it slide.  I also forgot to take a picture of their menu board so my bad.  Sorry for that.  

This is their Php155 pork meal that I've raving about.

A close up the same, look at those Chili.
The Mango Shake was not so sweet but was a great pair with the pork meal..
Going back to the pork thing, what surprised me was the generous amount of pork it had.  And the pork had less fat another surprise there.  They used lean meat and its not a cheap meat I might add, making my Php155 meal altogether was worth the price.  I paired it with a mango shake they had and both went well down my stomach.  Get this meal when you are stuck in lunch in their place.  Truly highly recommended.  Bit spicy though so watch out for the chili.

As I said I was here for a loooonnngggg amount of time so I was able to finish two days worth of pictures and I got hungry again.  I can't miss what their specialty is, which is the tsoko nut batirol.  I paired it with their Sans Rival Yema Cake.  Yes, my chocolate drink is already sweet yet I chose the yema cake, another sweet stuff.  Sweet sugar overload.

The chocolate was superb and tasted a bit local.  I remembered drinking the same when my grandmother was still alive in provinces.  She would offer the same when we visit her from time to time.  It was either the sock filtered coffee (just a joke) or the mashed batirol prepared chocolate she offers us.

Since they are both sweet, I had to eat the cake then drink water, then have a swig of chocolate then water again.  Tried them simultaneously and I was in heaven.  Had to stay back on earth so I had to take the water in between.

For those sweet tooth people, they have a lot of choices so feel free to look around and take time to order.

Not yet done.  I decided to take home some cinnamon bread for my kids.  At Php26 each, I ordered two to try out with my family.  My mistake?  I just ordered two of these.  The bread was a hit at home.  Next time I will buy more if I find another branch during my travels.

For more details, simply visit them at their facebook page here.