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Dining | Tummy Box - Dela Rosa Walkway Makati

I rarely passby Makati for the sole reason - Traffic.  Although I rate the place alongside BGC but the latter holds truer to my heart since its nice walking through the streets of BGC rather than Makati.  Should I be "forced" to go into Makati CBD, I use the walkway over Dela Rosa Street.  Even then its not the same as in BGC, this is far much greater than walking at street level.

Now I was thinking of eating late lunch inside an Ayala Mall, but somehow after walking past the enterprise building, I saw this peculiar sign.  It says Tummy Box and with their logo signifying a character from the Disney's "Up", I decided to check this place out hoping to get away from the Makati heat.

Inside it was cooler but not icy cold so I decided to really order.

Their Menu Board

I always have a penchant for sisig so guess what I saw on the board.  Priced at Php90 I immediately went for that one.
Sisig Overload

The sisig was phenomenal for the price.  I surmise that this thing will pack the place during lunch time.  I went in after 2pm so I guess all the people went back for work.  I didn't have a meeting lined up so I took a while savoring the yummy sisig.  Not only did it tasted good, it made me break my "balik alindog program" and made me order "extra rice".  What the......

Okay it tasted great.  For the price point, phenomenal, I truly would recommend this to you with a warning.   DON'T get extra rice.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

For more details on Tummy Box, visit them at their facebook page here.

The Extra Rice was in another receipt.
They also serve in large portions, so don't look at this menu board if dining alone or small group.

Ambiance was cozy, but the fan on the side means they get pack a lot and will get a little sweaty.