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Dining | Everyday is a Celebration at Yoshinoya

Japanese Food really hits a spot in my stomach, errrr heart whenever eating is discussed.  This time we as the family went off to Yoshinoya in SM Megamall to celebrate one's birthday.  Few weeks back, we covered this one and they thanked us by giving us some free treats.

Great ambiance.
This was our first time as a familly to eat at Yoshinoya so this is an exciting time for us.  We ordered the best seller Kani Salad, Beef Ramen, Chicken Bowl, Beef Bowls, Beef Stew, Pork Katsudon, Jumbo Plate Beef and Tempura.

Look at those corn on the Beef Ramen.
The Chicken Bowl Regular Size

The Best Seller Kani Salad
Another view of the Beef Bowl.
The Beef Stew.
The Jumbo Plate which is by the way for sharing.
The Beef Bowl... large I think.
The menu board.

Thanks Yoshinoya for this.

Future meal.. Next in Line.

Had this already. Great tasting.

The Pork Katsudon... yummy...

For a group of five, this is a great price.

Happy Birthday Angel.....