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Health and Wellness | Sun Life to plunge into Aquathlon

In their pursuit for health and wellness, Sun Life has been showing great interest in multi sport competitions, they will be hosting the first ever Sun Life Aquathlon, happening on September 17, 2017.  To be held at the Makati Aqua Sports Arena (MASA) using their 50 meter long pool followed by running the oval of the University of Makati or UMak.

Sun Life made additional points regarding their wellness website
They have already supported various similar competitions, the latest was the Iron Man 70.3 that was held in Cebu recently so they are confident they can pull off the Aquathlon this coming September.

The Aquathlon consists of swimming and running, and will be categorized into Aqua Full, which features a 400 meter swim, then followed with a 5 kilometer run;  The Aqua Lite, shall consist of a 200 meter swim plus a 3 kilometer run.

This Aquathlon was also designed to beginners, thus all are invited to participate be them men or women, young and old, abled and diffrently abled, amateurs and professionals.  Whatever your status or condition is, as long as you have the capacity to finish the Aquathlon then you are in.  Although this is a competition, all participants are encouraged to have fun.  As they said, as long as you finish, it's just fine.  So all of us media had a sigh of relief with this thought.  They further added that should a participant would feel tired, he or she is encouraged to take a rest before continuing with the rest of the Aquathlon.

Bike King Philippines to help manage the Aquathlon with Sun Life.

The event is supported by Speedo, Gatorade, Timex and Gardenia.  The event will be managed by Bike King Philippines, making sure that the Aquathlon will run smoothly and safely.  For more questions or simply would like to register, please click here to be directed to the race details proper.

Sun Life Marketing answered some questions from the Media.  She herself is a tri athlete, a member of the Sun Life Team, winning second place at the recent Iron Man 70.3 Challenge in Cebu.