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About Town | Asia Pop Comic Con 2017

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila is one of the biggest gathering of international and local artists/creatives from comic, film and gaming industry that the fans would never let this go. Even on their last day people still flooded the activity areas, the main stage and the workshops. The event won't let us rest and it was truly phenomenal. 

Truly epic!!!!!

video courtesy of Alodia Gosiengfiao Vlog on youtube.


Aside from truly celebrity laden invited cast, the event was likewise loaded with amazing booths from comic books, toys and collectibles.

Purely 'kawaii' or cute in Japanese form the Tokidoki booth.
Collectible head gears - caps. 
Giordano celebrates Voltes V (five).
Classic toy displays.

Autograph signing by favorite artists / cosplayers / celebrities also were all around the venue.  We truly are in fan heaven. The force was great in this event.

Simon Legno made the loot bag magical and cute for these kiddie cosplayers.
Shoji Kawamori autograph signing.
Pion Kim, cosplayer from Seoul, South Korea.
The top television shows and movies online streaming , Netflix placed an interactive installation where the fans can experience being there at the scene of their favorite shows.  Thanks Netflix for the experience....

- Jack n' Jill Calbee presents Honey Butter potato chips.

The event also featured toy displays of comic or film characters in their cute version... from huge ones to these cutesy eetsy weenie ones.  I'd like to grab them by their... bodies and take them all home.

- To life size figure scale...
Kidding aside, they're cosplayers in their best suits.

This thing is not cute.  Even if this is not according to scale, this doll is huge... still, we want to take this home.

Iron Man 44 "Hulkbuster".
There's an area where international and local artists / artisans showed their print merchandises and meet their online fans.  A great number of them attended much to the delight of fans.


If many of us thought we've seen the main stage, not yet. This venue was programmed for APCC workshops. The list for the day featured artists from our neighboring asian countries.

Shoji Kawamori, the featured creator from Japan. He is noted for his realistic approaches to anime and  when he shows this whenever he designs for or directs for mecha projects in the animation series and films.  We can name Macross franchise, Basquash and AKB0048.  

Stanley Lau or 'Artgerm', the person who have brought infectious artworks worldwide and have worked with animation studios, comic publishers and gaming companies that you can name of. He loves to talk and generously answers struggling artist's every day life.


These group of people in armor or in colorful costumes admittedly they wish to be in their homes but asking on how they jumped into the world of cosplay. They share their progress in cosplay - in scouting for materials, having the capable equipment, recycling things that are available in their homes. The key is to be resourceful as a person can be.

Cosplay made an impact their lives through the years and they wish to see cosplay community expand and have more people join who share the same passion.

The audiences were pleased to see 'the CAGE' (Cosplay Authority Global Challenge) guests united in stage from different places. L-R: Philip Odango (Canvas Cosplay), Haiden Hazard, Jin (Behindinfinity), Pion Kim and Alodia Gosengfiao.

This charming Japanese idol, Serena Kuzuki, the audiences waived their light sticks and joined along with her songs.

Great performances from the kid's the category and the winners were awarded the CAGE guests.

Best Performance - Ashley Misaki Francisco as Optimus Prime from 'Transformers'.
Best in Show - Princess Espos as Kahra from 'Evilbane Raise of Raven'.
Judges' Favorite - Ezra Garbin as Moskov-spear of Bone Dragon from 'Mobile Legends'.

The CAGE awarding for the open category with the presence of the founder of the event and Calbee's mascot named 'Jaga'

2nd runner-up - Arzel Geronimo as Garo from 'Garo'.
1st runner-up - Erika Jean Gabrin as Female Gunner Astalos Set from 'Monster Generations'.
Grand Winner - Vien Nathaniel Testa as Winston from Overwatch.

Congratulations to the winners.  The cash prizes were awesome, wait, not awesome, they were spectacular.


Photos and words by Angel Zuniga