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Lifestyle | A Modern Day Heroes Welcome by Camella - The Father's Sacrifice

In line with Camella's spotlight on our modern day heroes, Camella launched videos to this fact.  The storylines of these videos were  unfiltered thus shows the dark world of being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).  I was an OFW before so I know by fact and experience that these things do happen.  This bold move by Camella had created mixed reactions to viewers, but one would notice that dark as it seemed, it also showed, how, the OFW in their own way started their life anew.  So these videos are a testament of people who overcame difficult times.  A worthy tribute by Camella to these OFW's.

The first video we are featuring here, entitled “Carding”, tells the story of a father who worked as a technician somewhere in the Middle East. With only a photo of his wife and son to comfort him, he endured all the struggles, the loneliness and pain of working in a different country to provide for his family. He held on to his job despite the risk, humiliation and inhuman treatment, at times from his employer, which he kept all to himself so as not to burden his family. In one scene where the supervisor was scolding Carding, I understood the arabic muttered and it was really humiliating.  I can feel him holding his emotions just so to keep his job.

Leaving the family has its risks, especially leaving the kids at such a young age.  For Carding, when he finally  returned home, he discovered that someone else took his place – his wife has been living with another man and his only son does not even recognize him. He has lost his family, the reason of his sacrifices and toiling.  Another sad OFW story here.  Nothing new, it happened to others as well.

Despite the gut-wrenching situation, he managed to pick himself up, moved on and victoriously turned his life around to a new future with his new home.  Ending on a positive note, Carding was able to portray moving forward, started a new chapter in his life and is ready to take on new challenges.


Since I'm a former OFW starting a new life here in the Philippines, although it (video story lines) didn't happen to me, I can feel their emotions upon coming home. I'm glad that Camella brought out these videos, even with mixed reactions to some, the message really hit me where it hurts.  So I am shamelessly endorsing the videos and their brand as well.  So here it is.

Camella, the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., salutes the modern-day heroes who work hard and endure all sorts of sacrifices for the sake of their family.

Vista Land Chairman Manny Villar has a close affinity to OFWs, owing his break in the real estate industry to the first client he made a house for, Mrs. Magtibay - a wife of an OFW.

For our OFWs who sacrifice for their family, it’s just but right that we make sure that all their hard work abroad are not in vain…that they can come home to a beautiful house, a trophy of their hard work. For us, in Camella, there is probably nothing more fulfilling than to be an avenue for new beginnings of a good life for our kababayans,” said Villar. 

Camella continues to fulfill its mandate to make homes attainable to ordinary Filipinos, through affordable housing projects and flexible payment schemes, while continuing to elevate the standards of homebuilding in the country. For more information about Camella, call their hotline at 02-CAMELLA (226-3552). Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events, and announcements through and “Camella Official” on Facebook.