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Convenience | Lawson Station - Belmont Hotel

Lawson Station is another convenience store concept now introduced in the Philippines since 2015.  The chain is among the top 3 in japan, they are now aggressively expanding locally and we have tried first hand their service at their Belmont Hotel branch.

Looking over their counter, their prices are nearly similar to the other convenience stores around.  What sets them apart however is their offer of ........wait for it....... wait...... yes...... UNLI RICE.

When we ordered for a one piece chicken worth Php55, I was given two pieces of rice.  I was surprised with these gesture as most convenience stores only one.  It was then explained that they offered two as they assumed one was not enough for this writer.  Diet died that brief moment.

The chicken they served was the usual. Nothing fancy.  Tasty, yet filling.  Although I've read of poor service from their facebook page, it somehow is true.  They don't greet you upon entering and it takes a while for them to clear some tables.  Maybe they can shine on these comments and make good in future service.

In spite of the issues, we know for a fact that this branch will be a sure fire winner, since they are just located within Newport City.  An upscale hotel compound with luxury restaurants all around.  Having a convenience store within is a welcome oasis for a budget eater.

So dropby a store and have your fill at the Lawson near you.