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Dining | Linguini Fini - SM Megamall

New restaurants keep popping up in Metro Manila and everytime this writer is always surprised with a new one.  This one is Linguini Fini in SM Mega Mall.  They are located on the fashion side of the mall which I rarely pass thus when I saw them at the Food Festival I thought there were a new restaurant.

Now they were offering a Pizza slice for Php99  (without a drink yet) and I decided to try them out.  Jen, the server, was very nice and handed me a piece of their Bronx style pizza.  Since I started writing about food, its still difficult for me to write something bad about what I ate.  The pizza was bland I reckon.  I apologize that I'm not a pizza connoisseur nor a critic, I don't know what a truly italian pizza is.  It may hit me in the head but still I won't know its italian.

For my experience, it was a so so pizza.  Maybe it wasn't fresh from the oven or maybe my tongue was really that of a caveman but I had to add in the dried herbs and grated cheese just to make it enjoyable.  Maybe that's the idea and it worked to my advantage.  The pizza then was "enjoyable".

While eating I had a chance to look at their Pizza and Pasta eat all you can promo for Php399.  I asked Jen about it and yes that promo still holds true she says.  I was elated with this but then I asked for the small print.  With the Php399 price tag, it comes with a drink. I said nice.  Then she explained to me that the promo is only good for two plates or orders of pasta or pizza and is only valid for two hours while you are in the store.  I was then held back as "eat all you can" holds a different meaning for me.  I don't know about you but this kind of promo is not appealing to me anymore.

I maybe wrong with my writing here so if you want to confirm with them about their food, send them a message here at their facebook page.

It has been an excruciating experience writing this piece as I like Jen my server for this experience.  She has been nice and accommodating and served me well with my food and answering some of my questions.  It just so happened that food didn't quite well reached my caveman taste and its difficult to write such.