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Delicacies | Time Old Classics in Instant Mixes

When I attended my first IFEX, I saw this booth selling instant mix of our favorite delicacies.  Yes there are other companies who have these products but somehow I took the chance of buying their products.  Lo and behold they tasted great.  Glad I bought a lot of boxes of these. My kids immediately made some and in no time at all, the boxes were opened almost every day until they're all gone.

So when I met them again in Food and Drinks Asia 2017, I got to buy some more.  Prices starting from Php70 to Php150.  One pack can easily feed a hungry family of 6, who eat like gorillas, so this is why I really these.  Done correctly, you wouldn't know its from an instant mix.

After checking their website, I found out that they are catering more in commercial quantities such as for restaurants and commissaries.  They have food colourings and flavours.  I rarely do our groceries so I wouldn't know if these are being sold in supermarkets.  All I know that when I am invited to attend food expos, I see them usually.

Now what do I really liked about these products? It is the fact that they offer a sense of pride for Philippine products.  I don't know about you guys but I don't eat local delicacies regularly because I rarely see them being sold in areas I go to.  Now if I do see them, I don't buy them for various reasons.  Now with these instant mixes, I know they will have consistent taste and we can make them on demand.  Kudos to Green Leaves (JNRM Corporation ) for keeping our traditions alive.

To know more about their products, visit them here at their facebook page.