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Dining | Coffee Project - Starmall Alabang

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and usually I don't lounge around especially in Starmall Alabang.  But this time it's different, I was with some old and new friends.  I forgot the time when I sat and talked about anything in a coffee shop.  Usually I only take an hour or two in a cafe and just finish my business.  This time we had fun and I didn't notice the time.

Now this The Coffee Project is something new to me.  Located in Starmall, let me give you a rundown of this joint.

Except for bicycles up front, nothing is new with this cafe.  A huge billboard welcomes you, then lots of comfy chairs and tables, our table had its own two port electrical outlet, people queuing for one unisex rest room, lots of magazines and a few newspapers, a counter filled with cakes, a menu board, and yes people hogging tables fit for 6, yes its a typical cafe.

They have cold and hot drinks for coffee, chocolate, juices.  Yup still a cafe for me.  I ordered from lovely baristas, people call out your name.  Yes its still an ordinary cafe.  The prices are typical of your cafe places, expensive.  Drinks go for Php100 plus, yes its still an ordinary cafe.  The ambiance is still your typical cafe.  I really can't understand why cafe colors are limited to brown and dark green.  It's a marketing thing I think.

Now we ordered our drinks.  Staff were courteous and helpful.  Due to a lot of orders we had, they offered to serve to our table.  The staff smiled a lot.

Now lets check their drink.  I rarely take coffee and thank god our host ordered a cold chocolate drink for me.  The chocolated tasted not so sweet which I like, what made me wanting is the fact that somehow, the chocolate didn't have quite that kick of choco.  I was just like drinking a cold glass of MILO.  I do wish they do something about it.  I can't imagine myself spending that much money for it.

Now when my host asked me what I want for food,  cakes were already in my mind.  Here's a tip guys.  When you see whole cakes, you can gauge already if these are already had a long day in the chiller.  Another tip, see how many slices were already taken out.  Usually the ones with one or two slices out means it isn't their best seller.  So I chose the one with half a cake already.

Based on my findings, it was the banana carrot cake for me.  It was the one that made my stay in this Coffee Project branch a good one.  It had a great taste of banana and carrot in the right mix.  What made this cake great was the fact that it wasn't that sweet.  The flavor was there and not overpowered by sweetness.  I can imagine already that this cake right here would have best served with coffee and not the cold chocolate I had.  In other popular cafes, I rarely order cakes and drinks as both were already sweet.  But this one here, this cake really made my day.

With this good feeling, and talking with friends,  this day is good.

For more on this cafe, click on their facebook page here.