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Lifestyle | A Modern Day Heroes Welcome by Camella - A Mother's Touch

In line with Camella's spotlight on our modern heroes, Camella launched videos to this fact.  This is the second video showing another unfiltered story of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) named Norma.  Both videos resulted in mixed reviews as they showed the dark world of an OFW, but seeing  both films till the end, watch how Norma's life instantly changed for the better.  Spoiler alert - hold on to your tissues.

This second video, “Norma”, chronicles the hardships of a mother who worked as caregiver in a home-for-the-aged facility in London. As like most OFW's, she was forced to leave her children in the Philippines to earn a living - all on her own - and to be able to send them to school, Norma worked day in and day out taking care of other people: feeding and cleaning up after them, bathing and taking care of their needs.  

With only phone calls as a form of communication with her children, she regularly checks on them during her break time. However, her children, it seems, have grown unappreciative of her sacrifices, taking her for granted – do not even ask how she is doing – and look to her as a mere provider of their needs.  Not entirely the fault of the children, she didn't want her children to be worried about her.  Talk about sacrifice.

Norma’s daughter finally graduated from College, and it was time for her to retire from work and go home. She surprised her children with her biggest “pasalubong” – a new house. But no amount of “pasalubong” can compare to a mother’s love, as her daughter uttered, “Mas gusto naming nandito ka, Ma.” And just a hug from her children washed away all the pain and brought Norma so much joy.  A mother's touch and love truly is powerful.  Now time to bring out those tissues.


Since I'm a former OFW starting a new life here in the Philippines, although it (video story lines) didn't happen to me, I can feel their emotions upon coming home. I'm glad that Camella brought out these videos, even with mixed reactions to some, the message really hit me where it hurts.  So I am shamelessly endorsing the videos and their brand as well.  So here goes.

Camella, the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., salutes the modern-day heroes who work hard and endure all sorts of sacrifices for the sake of their family.

Vista Land Chairman Manny Villar has a close affinity to OFWs, owing his break in the real estate industry to the first client he made a house for, Mrs. Magtibay - a wife of an OFW.

For our OFWs who sacrifice for their family, it’s just but right that we make sure that all their hard work abroad are not in vain…that they can come home to a beautiful house, a trophy of their hard work. For us, in Camella, there is probably nothing more fulfilling than to be an avenue for new beginnings of a good life for our kababayans,” said Villar. 

Camella continues to fulfill its mandate to make homes attainable to ordinary Filipinos, through affordable housing projects and flexible payment schemes, while continuing to elevate the standards of homebuilding in the country. For more information about Camella, call their hotline at 02-CAMELLA (226-3552). Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events, and announcements through and “Camella Official” on Facebook.