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Dining | Tenya

The family went out again and we had a japanese restaurant in our sights.  For some time now, this writer have seen Tenya in malls, in facebook sponsored ads and what have you.  Was wondering what makes this japanese restaurant tick.  Now we do know now.

The Tenya branch we went to was the one in Festival Mall.  It was a dainty or small spaced outlet and located outside that of the mall.  It was so tiny and was farther away from the mall entrance that you will surely miss this place. The sign was of no help as the same can be easily obscured from your view from the mall entrance.

We were walking from the new Landmark wing on to Mesa than NY Cafe when we got a glimpse of Tenya.

Going in Tenya, we noticed that this store is small compared to the others I've seen.  Being so isolated, we almost had the place to ourselves.  Our family of six was easily accommodated even if it was dinnertime.

Ordering was fast as the menu were simple and we being avid japanese food lovers, we knew what to go for right away.  The food took a long time to be served, typical of a good japanese restaurant where every dish is prepared upon order.

Their food did not disappoint as the dish was a okay.  Tempura wasn't crisp though but it tasted great.  The Soba noodles were not soggy, the teishuko (was it teishuko) was excellent.  They have a minimal amount of desserts but these adds more credence to the japanese dining we had.  Dining experience? We enjoyed the food.  Prices are a bit higher but I think it was worth it.  

For a miser like me, it would take a longer period of time before we go back to this place.  If money was no object, we would be here everyday.

For more about Tenya, you may visit their facebook page here.