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About Town | Two New International Beauty Pageants with a Cause

Beauty With a Mission and Peace on Earth were the campaign slogans of the newest international pageant launched in the Philippines today. Organizers from Vietnam, the Philippines and the United States of America, officially launched the twin pageants for single and married women - in Vikings, at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines. Organizers from the 3 countries will work hand in hand to stage these pageants, that aim to gather the most diverse women all over the world to promote tourism, mutual understanding, peace and unity.

The pageant comes with the mission : Beauty with a Mission. The event is not just a usual beauty contest with single mission, the organization and the delegates will be focusing in promoting tourism, culture and mutual understanding. Multi-mission candidates will gather in the Philippines from November 27-December 10, 2017. These talented and diverse women must have confidence, knowledge, interest in the tourism development and the roles of tourism in the society, in order to win the coveted title. Winner of the pageant will be the face of World Miss Tourism Ambassador and will embark in an exciting journey - full of glamour, mission and responsibility. She will travel the world and promote the organization's cause. WMT believes that the world is getting smaller, countries are getting closer, and we must work together to help tourism and make each travel memorable and safer.

Married women and mothers are influencers of the world and catalysts of change. They are timeless teachers of life, the most influential educators of the of the society, as they nurture their children of today. Next month, these lovely and vibrant women will take center stage and promote a very timely cause - "Peace on Earth."  Mrs. World Peace pageant aims to promote understanding and unity among the participating nations.

The organization believes that Peace is the beauty of life and we must work together to preserve it.

Peace and understanding starts at home, and these married women have a great role in making this world a peaceful place to live in. Peaceful community starts with a peaceful home and fam ily. Peaceful community will turn into a society  with people working in harmony. With this, peace around the world is attainable. Married women all over the world will converge in Manila for a 5 day event. Finals will be held on December 10, 2017. Candidates will be busy with fun-filled activities, runway shows, charity work and official visits around the Philippines.

Very timely, as an integral part of the event is the tourism-inspired fashion week that will showcase
the best designers, brands and trends. The show will unveil latest fashion trends, styles and designs,

with the candidates as the runway models. Professional fashion designers will  showcase their best creations - and  the candidates will  pull surprises after surprises in the runway as they parade in a fashion show  in their very own national costumes.